Music engraving and type setting

Tuesday 1 December 2020
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Music engraving and type setting

The Art of Music specialises in very high quality typesetting, both of music and of text. Since 1992, using the best tools available, we have produced a range of publications that have been acclaimed not only by their commissioning writers but also in the national press.

We have typeset thousands of pages (or several kilogrammes weight!) using Score and InDesign.

More information about our music engraving /typesetting services

Our portfolio includes the following works
Comments received
  • "very impressive, stylish and professional - and clearly something to be proud of"
    "the type-setting of these texts and their music is impeccably clear"
    "the type setting is exemplary" (Music for Common Worship I-III)
  • "They are splendid! A real gift to the Church of England. Congratulations and many thanks."
    "it is going to make a very handsome publication" (PMMS Compline)
  • "looks terrific" (Chrism Mass service booklet)
  • "How nice to see a quality score again" (Harper: Regina Caeli)
  • "Very many thanks. They look great." (Ludlow organ recital leaflets)
  • "that looks great – thank you so much for doing such a wonderful job"
    "everyone is delighted with the leaflets – thank you so much." (Corbridge Festival leaflets)
  • "my warmest thanks go to Mr Alistair Warwick of The Art of Music, who has designed and typeset this book with characteristic expertise and great good humour, tolerating my last-minute requests for revisions and additions" (Sally Harper: Music in Welsh Culture Before 1650)
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