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Monday 17 June 2024
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Alistair Warwick
About The Art of Music

Based in Dunblane, Scotland, The Art of Music was founded by Alistair Warwick in 1992 in order to provide high-quality music and text typesetting. This soon extended to include practical and reflective skills training for musicians, especially those who work in worship and other music of the Church.

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The Art of Music is a member of Business for Scotland and the Federation of Small Businesses.

The Art of Music: music publisher
Music Publishers Association

We are a member of the Music Publishers Association.

PRS for Music logo

We are a PRS publisher member and an MCPS publisher member (both for the territory of the World).

MCPS - recordings or broadcasts
Membership of MCPS enables us to collect royalties on behalf of our composers when their works are recorded or broadcast.

PRS - public performances (other than worship)
Membership of PRS enables us to collect royalties on behalf of our composers when their works are performed in public.

There are no performance fees for use of copyright works during public worship (but check the definition). However, if you are making a recording of one of our publications, this is a different matter, and you should contact MCPS.

Towards an ethical and environmental policy
  • we aim to be ethical in all that we do
  • we try to reduce, to reuse and to recycle wherever possible
  • we use "green" electricity from renewable sources
  • we are customers of the only UK high street bank with a customer-led ethical policy that prevents our money being used by companies that disrespect the environment or that sell arms to repressive regimes – indeed as a co-operative it supports enterprises that help the community
  • we drink FairTrade tea and coffee – and eat FairTrade chocolate (donations always welcome!)
Fairtrade at work

Passion in the workplace…

…pity they didn't compost the banana skin!

Business and Finance

The Art of Music is a member of Business for Scotland.

Business for Scotland

In a letter published in The Sunday Herald on 26 April 2015, 150 Business people from all sorts and sizes of companies from all over Scotland publicly declared support for a staged implementation of full fiscal responsibility for Scotland.

An open letter to the people of Scotland from 150 business owners and job creators.

Sunday Herald (26 April 2015) front page

Opinion polls consistently show significant majority support for home rule, devo max or full fiscal autonomy. Whichever term is used, the definition of devo max is clear: all powers transferred from Westminster to Scotland with the exception of shared monetary policy, defence and foreign affairs.

Extensive new powers – as close to federalism as possible – were promised to the people of Scotland by the No campaign during the referendum and, if implemented, would provide the Scottish Government with the powers required to generate strong and sustainable economic growth, create jobs and increase shared prosperity. We support a progression towards full fiscal responsibility, transferring meaningful economic powers to Scotland, and then a staged implementation of full fiscal responsibility (home rule).

For generations, fiscal transfers from Scotland to the rest of the UK have slowed investment in economic growth in Scotland. As a result Scotland’s economic productivity and participation are consistently low compared to equivalent small countries around the world. Full fiscal responsibility will free Scotland’s economy from Westminster’s centralised control, allowing the Scottish government to implement precisely tailored policies to help Scottish business compete in global markets, moving our economy closer to the higher levels of growth enjoyed by similar small to medium sized European nations.

The political debate in this General Election should be focused on how we boost Scottish growth with a full package of distinctive economic policies that match the needs of Scotland’s economy. By doing so we can we attract added investment, create jobs and grow our economy faster than is possible under Westminster control. As a result, we will generate increased revenues to reduce the deficit through growth, whilst tackling inequality.

We also believe full fiscal responsibility north of the border should come with increased devolution for the other nations and regions of these islands. In the interests of all UK citizens, the process of moving away from centralised London control should start on May 7th.

All named signatories have signed in a personal capacity.

Rob Aberdein Partner Aberdein Considine
Sandy Adam Chairman Springfield Properties Group Ltd
Lynn Adams Owner The George Bar
Andy Anderson Proprietor Memo Publishing Services
David Anderson Chief Executive AP Systems
Jillian Anderson Director Kilpatrick Blane Services Limited
John Anderson Director Hammur IT Services
Richard Arnott Director Sintra Management Services Limited
Tony Banks Chairman Balhousie Care Group
Muriel Barclay Director Muriel Barclay Limited
Robin Barclay Director R J Barclay Developments Limited
Scott Barr Director Ecoheat Scotland Limited
Linda Barrack Director Baby Bliss
Alastair Barron Director Barron Wright Partnerships
Frances Barron Owner Dessert Depot
Mark Barry Director Taranis Flooring Limited
Lorna Bates Owner Halymyres Farm & Stables
Ruth Black Owner Anna MacNeil
Elizabeth Blair Partner Reid Blair Solicitors
Eva Bolander Director Bestla Design and Hayburn House Limited
Bill Borland Partner Hell Bent Productions Limited
Phil Borland Owner West Coast Corals
Nick Bowles Director Web Craft UK Limited
Andrew Braes Director Braes Livestock
Kenneth Braes Owner Firm of K R Braes
Dorothy Breckenridge Director C-N-Do Scotland
Arran Brown Director 3D Drawing Office
Chris Brown Director Lighthouse Projects
karen Brownlee Director Karen’s Kitchen Buffet Service
Russell Bruce Partner Diverse Marketing
Forbes Bryce Director Freshwater Business Coaching
Bert Bryden Director T-Shirtprinting Limited
Daryll Buchanan Director Push Oxygen
Patrick Byrne CEO Pursuit Marketing
David Cairns Chairman & MD Prisimtech
Bobby Campbell Director Technology Contracts
Iain Campbell Director Bally Grant Limited
Stephen Campbell Owner SEC Joiners & Builders Oban
Sheila Candy Director Forecast Sculptures
Joseph Cannon Director Flava Coffee Company Limited
Anne Carson Director Anne Carson
Mary-Anne Case Owner Blackhall Framing Gallery
Michael Cassidy Partner Christinas Homecare Services
Jim Chalmers Director J Chalmers & Associates
Stephen Chalmers Director Altogether Travel
Alan Clark Partner Clark’s Bakery
John Clark Managing Director Belmont Communications Ltd
Keith Clews Managing Director E F A Project Services
Chris Cook Director Nordic Enterprise Trust
Samantha Cooper Director 23 Enigma Limited
Claire Corridan Director Nethan Valley Veterinary Centre
Bob Costello Managing Director Sidlaw Executive travel (Scotland)Ltd
Alison Craven Director Walker Craven Properties
Rick Curran Director Wideopenspace Limited
Adam Davidson Owner Bo-Concept Scotland
Morag Davidson Director Indigospring (Scotland) Ltd
Alan Dickson Director Bradshaw Nursey Limited
Robert Duncan Director HSC (Highland) Limited
Stephen Duncan Director Designovation Consultancy Services Limited
David Dwyer Director Inspire Web Development
George Elliot Director MWB Recruitment Limited
Linda Ferguson Director Fergus Neilson Limited
Alan Ferrier Director of Operations I Win Scotland Limited
Adam Findlay Managing Director Original FM
Morag Findlay Director Ecrude Design Ltd
Athole Fleming Managing Director Athole Design
David Fleming Director Trinity Computer Consultancy Limited
Fiona Ford Director Fords Daily Legal
Alison Forsyth Director Forsyth Legal Limited
Mabel Forsyth Director Pink Pig Cards
Alasdair Fraser Director All Points North Press Agency Limited
Robbie Fraser Director Pure Magic films
Philip Galloway Director P G Couriers Limited
Alistair George Owner Canongate Studios
John Gibson Director Broxburn Properties
Mark Gillan Director Skoosh Media Ltd
Mark Greer Owner Art Hier Framing
Jim Greig CEO Go Country
Alan Haggarty Owner Offal Productions
David Halliday Partner Halliday Campbell AS
George Hanlon Director Double Image Designs Limited
David Henderson Director The Poster Company
Gordon Henderson Garden Centre Owner Foxlane Garden Centre
Alan Hogan Proprietor Lochness Motor Homes
Richard Hosking Director Richard Hosking
Rosemary Hunter Director 101 Dimensions Limited
Lesley Hutt Director Lesley Hutt Architect
John Innes British Venture Capitalist of the Year & Venture Capital Chief Executive of the Year, former Chief Executive Amor Group
Rona Insch Director Rona Insch Limited
Khalid Javid Director KA Javid and Co
Keith Jones Managing Director Jones Computer Consultancy
George Kelly Director George Kelly Higashi Shotokan Karate
Alex Kinnear Director MerVen
Alan Knight Documentary Film Maker Alan Knight
Michael Lally Director T&M Contracts
Alasdair Langlands Director Langlands Health & Fitness Limited
George Lappin Director Pinmar 1st Aid
Helen Lewis Owner Garden Tamers
Derek Louden FD & Company Secretary ITP Solutions Ltd
Marion MacArthur Owner Mondocellos
Allan MacDonald Director Premier Card & Marketing Limited
Helen MacDonough Managing Director Kennedy + Co Hairdressing
Cara Mackay Business Manager Gillies and Mackay Limited
Marie Macklin CBE Chief Executive Klin Group
Donald Maclean Owner Business Cost Consultants
Nasim Malik Managing Director GFS Mortgages
Rose Mapplebeck Director Special Cats of Ayr
Cliff Mccabe Manager Parkland Engineering Limited
Graeme McCormick Managing Partner Conveyancing Direct
Alan McCusker Director McCusker Graphics Media Limited
Ian McDougall Managing Director McDougall Johnstone
Linda McFarlane Director Reprografix Limited
Lorraine McKechnie Director Protinam
Frank McKirgan City Fund Manager
Michael McLintock Director Adelp Financial Services
Joanne McNally Owner Cunningcanis Sleekit Feline
Les Meikle Managing Director Wise Property Care
Derek Millar Director Treecad Limited
Raymond Moran Owner The Harbour Fish Bar
David Morrison Director Sangobeg Investments
Gerry Mulvenna Director Moving Wifi Limited
Jil Murphy Co-Founder Thin Red Line
Gary Nicol Director V F M Scotland Limited
Gillian O’Neil CEO 29 Studios
Kevin O’Neil Managing Director 29 Studios
Gary Parker Managing Director Ayrnet Marketing Ltd.
Alastair Philp Skipper of Fishing Boat Nemesis BRD115
George Rae Director Braemax Limited
Frank Rankin Director I G Scotland
Fiona Savage Director Fiona Savage Ltd
Brendan Semple Director TLC Pharmacy Group.
James Semple Managing Director TLC Pharmacy Group.
Kimberley Shepherd Owner Rock – A – Punk
Alan Simpson Owner Minute Man Press Paisley
David Smith Director David Smith
Gerry Strain Director Document Solutions Ltd
Allan Strang Director Allan Seal Trips
Gilbert Summers Partners Scotland Tourism Solutions
John Swan Director Battery Park Nursery
Alison Tait Director ACT Business Services
Angus Tulloch Edinburgh Fund Manager
Sarah Urquhart Director Sarah Urquhart PR
Alan Waldron Owner Stirling Bagpipes
Gerry Wallace MD GEM Lift Services
John Wallace Director John Wallace
Alistair Warwick Owner The Art of Music
& The Typehouse
David Watson Director Family Asset Protection (Scotland) limited
Alistair White Director Brunord Limited
Rob Wilkinson Director City Centre Rooms (Edinburgh) limited
David Wood CEO Northern Oils Group
Alasdair Wylie Proprietor Kettles of Dunkeld
Business for Scotland logo

Business for Scotland – Prosperity for Scotland – Join us now

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Your Privacy

Your privacy – and therefore your confidence in us – is important to The Art of Music.

We will only disclose your information to other members of
The Art of Music group (details can be found here).

We will not sell, lend, rent or otherwise make available your details to any other person or organisation (except in compliance with any legal requirement that may be made of us).

Privacy policy: full details

For full details of our Privacy Policy including your privacy, use of cookies, email marketing, online payments, cooling-off period and data protection please visit this page.

Use your computer to help save lives

Since 2005 we've been members of the World Community Grid (WCG), first as a personal member and, since June 2006, as a team.

Grid computing enables hundreds of years' worth of computing processing time to be utilised to enable non-profit, humanitarian projects to run. WCG projects includework towards the cure of:

  • AIDS
  • Cancer
  • Dengue
  • Leishmaniasis
  • Muscular Dystrophy

Details of these projects can be found on the WCG site.

Our contributions

So far The Art of Music team has notched up over 300 days' computing time in 15 projects, including Beta Testing.

The badges below indicate that we have contributed at least the noted worth of CPU Run Time to each of the following projects:

  • Bronze – 14 days
  • Silver – 45 days
  • Gold – 90 days
Drug Search for Leishmaniasis silver badge

Clean Energy Project (Bronze)


Drug Search for Leishmaniasis silver badge

Drug Search for Leishmaniasis (Silver)


Fight Aids at Home Silver badge

FightAIDS@Home (Gold)


Go Fight Against Malaria bronze badge

GO Fight Against Malaria (Bronze)


Help Conquer Cancer bronze badge

Help Conquer Cancer (Bronze)


Help Fight Childhood Cancer bronze badge

Help Fight Childhood Cancer (Bronze)


Human Proteome Folding bronze badge

Human Proteome Folding (Bronze)


Human Proteome Folding – Phase 2 bronze badge

Human Proteome Folding – Phase 2 (Bronze)


Say No to Schistosoma bronze badge

Say No to Schistosoma (Bronze)

How is it done?

No other technological breakthrough has demonstrated the power of individuals more than grid computing. By donating your unused computer time (Linux, Mac or Windows), you can help to change the world for the better.

Join over 350,000 computer users around the world who are contributing an average of over 112 years' worth of computing power every day (and that's just from unused computer time)!

More information about grid computing can be found here.

How does grid computing help?

In less than three months, with grid computing, scientists identified 44 potential treatments to fight the deadly smallpox disease.

Without the grid, the work would have taken more than a year to complete.

Sounds great. How do I start?
  1. Just go to www.worldcommunitygrid.org to register
  2. Once you've completed the registration process, you'll need to download and install the World Community Grid software to get going with the project

If you already participate in the World Community Grid, then you can join our team. Just follow this link to join us.

Use your computer to help save lives
Fight Aids at Home badge

Other projects are available from BOINC.

These include Climate Prediction, which we joined on 25 April 2008. Work on this project is currently suspended while we work on WCG projects.

Why "The Art of Music"?
  • Our name comes from a 16th-century Scottish musical treatise The Airt of musick which deals with faburden – the way in which counter-melodies were added to a tune or air. More…
  • "Next to the Word of God, the noble art of music is the greatest treasure in the world."
    (Martin Luther, 1483-1546)
  • "… who has skill in the art of music is of good temperament and fitted for all things."
    (Martin Luther http://quotationsbook.com/quote/38598/
  • "… the art of music [is] uniquely called to instill hope in the human spirit, so scarred and sometimes wounded by the earthly condition.
    "There is a mysterious and deep kinship between music and hope, between song and eternal life: not for nothing does the Christian tradition portray the blessed in the act of singing in a choir, in ecstasy and enraptured by the beauty of God.
    "But authentic art, like prayer, is not foreign to everyday reality although it requires us to “water” it and make it germinate if it is to bring forth the fruit of goodness and peace."
    (Pope Benedict XVI, following a concert, 24 April, 2008)
  • "Where the speech of man stops short, then the art of music begins."
    (Richard Wagner, 1813-1883)
  • "[Sacred music] must be true art, for otherwise it cannot exercise on the minds of the hearers that influence which the Church meditates when she welcomes into her liturgy the art of music."
    Tra le Sollecitudini (Motu proprio of Pius X, 22 Nov 1903)
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